Michael Kiwanuka and the salvation.

I usually exaggerate. It is because of the language, because of the wonder. It is wonder’s fault. My life is a wonder ocean with cheese sandwiches on the shore. My life is wonderful because yesterday I was in Kiwanuka show and I saw the salvation of our generation.

It was maybe the most powerful and soulful live show I have seen in my entire life. I was there, listening with the listeners, feeling with the feelers. I listened and I felt that I was witnessing something so important for the history of music, for our generation and our place in that history: the early years of Michael Kiwanuka. I felt black and I felt man and I felt soul and I felt fire. Our generation is not orphan anymore. I felt salvation. Because music can.

Exaggerators gonna exaggerate. But this time it’s damn true. Michael Kiwanuka is a great star. Thank you so much.

(not-believers gonna believe: here’s a short video: . https://www.instagram.com/p/BDO57SKRSNy/ )

Michael Kiwanuka Concert in Lido, Berlin. 21.03.2016

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